1. James Bennett
  2. django-template-utils


django-template-utils / template_utils / context_processors.py

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A generic function for generating context processors, and a processor
which adds media-specific settings to each ``RequestContext``.


def settings_processor(*settings_list):
    Generates and returns a context processor function which will read
    the values of all the settings passed in and return them in each
    ``RequestContext`` in which it is applied.
    For example::
        my_settings_processor = settings_processor('INTERNAL_IPS', 'SITE_ID')
    ``my_settings_processor`` would then be a valid context processor
    which would return the values of the settings ``INTERNAL_IPS`` and
    ``SITE_ID`` in each ``RequestContext`` in which it was applied.
    def _processor(request):
        from django.conf import settings
        settings_dict = {}
        for setting_name in settings_list:
            settings_dict[setting_name] = getattr(settings, setting_name)
        return settings_dict
    return _processor

media = settings_processor('ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX', 'MEDIA_URL')
media.__doc__ = """A context processor which adds the values of the settings
``ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX`` and ``MEDIA_URL`` to a ``RequestContext``."""