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======== ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ========
!! This Wikipages are currently work in progress !! 
!! Current content relies on version !!
!! Tested with Arma2Net V 1.9 !!
!! Lot of Syntax changes !!

Welcome to Arma2mysql

Arma2mysql is an addin for the Arma2Net project also hosted on by Scott_NZ .
This addin will allow you to connect to a MySQL database and execute SQL-Statements against it within Arma2.


This wiki won't show you how to set up a database server and the database. So you should know how install and configure it. This addin is for the open source MySQL database engine =>


At this time, Arma2Net is based on a function witch is only available in a beta version of Arma2OA (Arma 2 beta version 87640 or later). So read the installation instructions from Arma2Net carefully!
Beta downloads are available here =>

  1. Install Arma2Net from here =>
  2. Install the MySQL .Net-Connector =>
  3. Donwnload the latest "" and extract the content to your Arma2 folder.
  4. Add -arma2netdev to the command line, where you start Arma2. See Known Problems

Known Problems

You have to add -arma2netdev to the command line for starting Arma2. If you omit this parameter you will get Exceptions while trying to open a database connection and trying to get help information's.
I can not sign the library with the same key as the author (Scott_NZ ) of Arma2Net does. So all this unsigned/wrong signed addins will be sandboxed by Arma2Net and don't allow the plugin access to the file system and the network resources. But this addin needs read access to the file system (for reading help files) and read/write access to the network while communicating with the database engine.

Working with Arma2mysql

Within Arma2 call

"Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension "mysql [command,Parameter1,Parameter2,...]";

command = Function within the mysql addin
ParameterX = Additional parameter for the command. The type of the parameters can differ also the count of the parameter.

For details see Command Reference