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Ubuntu MATE Guide

An interactive tour, demo and guide for the Ubuntu MATE operating system inside a modern web browser.

Originally based on the Ubuntu Online Tour.


  • Ensure new users are familiar before their first boot.
  • Deliver a visually stunning experience very close to the live environment.
  • Provide interactive documentation and walkthroughs for common questions.
  • Readable in multiple languages so anyone around the world can get started.

Supported Browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chromium / Chrome

More browsers may be more thoroughly tested in future.


The site is just flat HTML pages, so running the site is as easy as opening index/en.html with a browser, or running a simple server, e.g.:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

And visiting http://localhost:8000/en/.


You can use the translation script to generate translated versions of the tour.

First, install python polib (sudo apt install python-polib on Ubuntu), then run:

translate-html/bin/translate-html -t

This will generate translated versions of the index/ folder for each available language.

For further help using the translator, run translate-html/bin/translate-html --help.

Compress the site files

To ensure the Online Tour has optimal download page weight and in-browser performance, the tour is optimised on publishing, using gulp:

npm install           # First install required node modules
gulp compress-html    # Minify HTML and bundle in optimised CSS and JS. NB: compresses HTML in-place
gulp compress-images  # Optimise image files to make them smaller


  • gulp
  • gulp-htmlmin
  • gulp-imagemin
  • gulp-inline-source
  • imagemin-pngquant