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The website for discovering and downloading the Ubuntu MATE operating system.

Powered by Nikola - a static page generator.

Build Status


The website is only in English at the moment. There is currently no way for translators yet, although Nikola has support for multilingual sites.

Setting up the Nikola Environment

First, install Nikola into an isolated Python environment, called a virtualenv. This is independent from the system's installation of Python.

source ~/Snakepit/nikola/bin/activate

You know when the Nikola environment is activated because (nikola) will be added to the bash prompt.

Clone the website

mkdir ~/Websites
cd ~/Websites
git clone git@bitbucket.org:ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate.org.git

Build Nikola

The first build will take a while. Subsequent builds are much faster.

cd ~/Websites/ubuntu-mate.org
nikola build

Serving the site

Nikola has a built in webserver, the serves the currently built site on port 8000.

cd ~/Websites/ubuntu-mate.org
nikola serve

Now point you web browser at localhost:8000 to test. CTRL+C to stop serving.

Cleaning Nikola

If you need to clean the Nikola build of the site do this following.

nikola clean

You'll need to build the site again now.

Dynamic Download Page

The download page is dynamic, but is statically generated. Download information is stored in downloads.json. The page itself is updated by executing scripts/update-download-page.py and passing arguments (see --help).