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Amara XML Toolkit 2.0a3 (released 5 March 2010)

A library for XML processing in Python, designed to balance the native idioms of Python with the native character of XML.

Amara 2.0 is part of Akara 2.0, an overall data processing platform that replaces 4Suite.


Amara is open source, provided under the Apache 2.0 license. See the files LICENSE and NOTICE for details.


Amara requires Python 2.5 or 2.6. It supports setuptools and easy_install, so you can just do the following:

easy_install amara

If this does not work you are probably not set up for easy_install and I suggest you follow the simple instructions at

If you prefer not to use easy_install, install the Amara package using the usual:

python install

Or a Windows installer, or other method.


Eventually most distributions/binary packages will allow you to install documentation, but for now consult the wiki, starting at

Recent activity


website_scraping began watching uche/amara

Uche Ogbuji

Commits by Uche Ogbuji were pushed to uche/amara

7c28742 - Fix installer problem in some configs. Fix amara.lib.U for non-bindery tree node input
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