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 Print out text area content cached by Firefox in the saved session file.
+For more information, see:
 Sample usage:
 python "~/.firefox/Profiles/*/sessionstore.js"
 #Now check the Firefox 3.5 sessionstore.js format
 for match in TEXTAREA_PAT_3_5.finditer(sessioninfo):
-    #{"url":"","title":"New Ticket – xml3k – Trac","ID":2969506219,"scroll":"0,121","formdata":{"#proj-search":"","#field-summary":"Fix-up of Amara bindery nodes after xml_namespace update","#field-reporter":"","#field-description":"Amara bindery nodes are bound to their parents by connecting (via a descriptor) a Python attribute name to a namespace/local name combination.\u000a\u000aGiven the following document:\u000a\u000a{{{\u000a<top xmlns:a=\"urn:bogus:a\">\u000a  <a:monty/>\u000a</top>\u000a}}}
     if search is None or search in