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import amara
from amara import tree

MONTY_XML = """<monty>
  <python spam="eggs">What do you mean "bleh"</python>
  <python ministry="abuse">But I was looking for argument</python>

doc = amara.parse(MONTY_XML)
assert doc.xml_type == tree.entity.xml_type
m = doc.xml_children[0] #xml_children is a sequence of child nodes
assert m.xml_local == u'monty' #local name, i.e. without any prefix
assert m.xml_qname == u'monty' #qualified name, e.g. includes prefix
assert m.xml_prefix == None
assert m.xml_namespace == None
assert m.xml_name == (None, u'monty') #The "universal name" or "expanded name"
assert m.xml_parent == doc

p1 = m.xml_children[1]
p1.xml_attributes[(None, u'spam')] = u"greeneggs"
p1.xml_children[0].xml_value = u"Close to the edit"