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change dvipng options

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 latex_template = r'''
 latex = "latex"
 dvipng = "dvipng"
 latex_args = ("--interaction=nonstopmode", "%s.tex")
-dvipng_args = ("-bgTransparent", "-Ttight", "--noghostscript", "-l%s" % max_pages, "%s.dvi")
+dvipng_args = ("-bg Transparent", "-T tight", "--noghostscript",
+               "-l%s" % max_pages, "-z9", "-gamma 1.5", "-D 110",
+               "%s.dvi")
 def latex_snippet_to_png(inputtex, prologue=''):
     """ Convert a latex snippet into a png. """
-    tex = latex_template % {'raw': inputtex, 'prologue': prologue }
+    tex = latex_template % {'raw': inputtex, 'prologue': prologue}
     namebase = latex_name_template % hashlib.sha1(tex).hexdigest()
     dst = namebase + '%d.png'
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