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 docutils math extension README


The idea is to convert latex fragments into *png* for display in html

Role and directive

There is a role called ``math`` that can be used for inline
latex expressions: ``:math:`\psi(r) = \exp(-2r)``` will
produce :math:`\psi(r)=\exp(-2r)`.  Inside the back-tics you can write
anything you would write in a LaTeX ducument.

For producing displayed math (like an ``equation*`` environment in a
LaTeX document) there is a ``math`` role.  If you write::

  .. math::

     \psi(r) = e^{-2r}

you will get:

.. math::

   \psi(r) = e^{-2r}



You can use roles for inline stuff:  :math:`e=mc^2`.  Lots of fun.

Or how about: :math:`x = (-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}) / 2a`


.. math::

   -1 = e^{i\pi}
Dollar math extension

Additionally, you can use ``$math$`` expression like ``$\pi$`` instead of ``:math:`pi```,
if you use rst2html with ``--use-dollar-math`` or edit docutils.conf::

  [standalone reader with dollarmath]
  use_dollar_math: yes


More info

No more info at this time.