error with attribute in show-table

udfr avatarudfr created an issue

When clicking on "file extension" in the "resource list" view, I get these errors. Like other issues related to storing values within particular releases which may or may not still be valid.

Perhaps store values in a more permanent spot (but then be sure to clear caches on new release?)


Notice: Undefined variable: instanceUri in /apps/udfr/apps/ontowiki/releases/20111025134626/application/views/templates/partials/list_std_element.phtml on line 42

Notice: Undefined index: in /apps/udfr/apps/ontowiki/releases/20111025134626/application/views/templates/partials/list_std_element.phtml on line 42

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /apps/udfr/apps/ontowiki/releases/20111025134626/application/views/templates/partials/list_std_element.phtml on line 42

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