Transform pronom data for sparql update

Issue #109 resolved
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transform pronom data for sparql update.

  1. transform XML to RDF -> serialized as n3
  2. call NOID to change identifiers
  3. transform n3 to n-triples (e.g. <S><P><O>)

SPARQL update endpoint only works with n-triples. Even if we were to change format to n3, prefix formatting is stripped off, so there is no point to not use n-triples.

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  1. udfr reporter

    PN XML -- transform to --> UDFR RDF (n3) -- add noid ids --> UDFR RDF w/ IDs

    either -- convert to n-triples, or (if that endpoint isn't working)---> -- convert to JSON for update --->

  2. udfr reporter

    current issues: 1. Document labels are in quotes - expected? 2. FDD types assertions first 3. web tags need escape ? (fdd)

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