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  1. Search results are inconsistent, depending on how many are shown: A search for “jpeg” (lower-case) reports that it has 20 results: 10 are shown on the first page, but when use the “2” or “Next” buttons, the second screen only shows 3 more resources. If you increase the size of the pages from “10” to “50” all 20 resources are shown.

  2. Investigate ordering A search for “JPEG” (upper-case) reports 20 results and 10 are shown on the first and second pages (with default page size of 10). The 10 resources on the first screens are different for the lower and upper-case search results.

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  1. Stephen Abrams

    Unable to regenerate this error condition. Searching now correctly appears to be case-insensitive. All searches are returning the same result sets, in the same order. This may have been a caching problem, as it was first seen at the end of a long session.

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