Add more logic for when user cancels out of pop-up process

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I believe perhaps there needs to be more application logic to handle the case where someone may create a NOID identifier through the "Create new Value" method within a pop-up, but then cancels out of the pop-up. In this case, "create new value" must be referring to an older BaseURI. Similarly, the application doesn't really know what it's an instance of, since range is set to AbstractFormat, so it makes it an instance of AbstractFormat.

e.g. @Dmitry Bobrov ns0: . <u1r3343> ns0:udfrIdentifier "u1r3343" ; a udfrs:AbstractFormat ; rdfs:label "Newformat" .

  1. It's using the wrong BaseURI for the triple <u1r3343> ns0:udfrIdentifier "u1r3343

It should be <u1r3343> udfrs:udfrIdentifier "u1r3343

Basically, it's pointing to instead of

  1. The rdf:type assertion is wrong. It says "a udfrs:AbstractFormat ;" which means it is creating an instance of AbstractFormat. It shouldn't be. It should be creating an instance of a FileFormat, as on DEV.

What is unclear is why this is happening on PROD and not DEV

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  1. Abhishek Salve

    I think we need to check the code of OntoWiki/libraries/RDFauthor/src/rdfauthor.predicaterow.js and search for "udfrIdentifier" keyword in code.

    And then change the base uri of the model onto.

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