Virtuoso issue with wildcard searches under 4 characters

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Tried to search for "PDF" in resource window in top left corner.

SPARQL Error: iODBC Driver][Virtuoso Server]FT370: Wildcard word needs at least 4 leading characters () in query: SELECT * FROM WHERE { ?resourceUri ?p ?o FILTER (bif:contains(?o, \'"pdf*"\')) }


that page defines bif:contains which is a Boolean operator. Still don’t know why you need 4 characters.

07/12/2011 02:52 PM - Lisa Colvin

Based on Mark's recommendation, going to try running these queries directly in Virtuoso (log in at dev and run "conductor")

It may be a configuration within Virtuoso.

07/13/2011 10:20 AM - Mark Reyes

A bit of analysis. - Virtuoso has a requirement of a least 4 character when querying with a wildcard () - Ontowiki is taking the search request and appending a wildcard before handing off to Virtuoso e.g. pdf -----> pdf

Which would break the Virtuoso req.

Possible solutions - Allow shorter wildcard queries in Virtuoso - Modify Ontowiki to leave query as is (we'll use a wildcard explicitly when needed)

07/13/2011 11:26 AM - Lisa Colvin

Abhishek, can you take a look at the ontowiki code to see where they handle search requests and add on the wildcard? is it for every query? or just shorter queries?

i currently don't have the VM access (waiting on new password) so can't look at code. You can look at the code on the Linux box, if that's easier

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  1. udfr reporter
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    hi, mark is going to make changes on DEV to

    leading > 3, and


    in the virtuoso source and recompile. it this works, we'll replicate on PROD.

    "if (leading < 4)" inwp_wildcard_range() function in libsrc/Wi/text.c with some smaller limit and recompile. Note, however, that there's maximum supported number of words that match to a wildcard, as "#define WST_WILDCARD_MAX 1000" in libsrc/Wi/text.h . It can be increased, if needed, maybe up to 1000, ....

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