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decide what to do about endpoint.

apaches access control for Location


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    from: http://groups.google.com/group/ontowiki-user/browse_thread/thread/3946b95c0bf963a1/b6b3e4756ee3700f#b6b3e4756ee3700f

    We were planning to only offer read-access for non-GUI interfaces. Does the “SPARQL query editor” allow SPARQL Updates? I got an error creating an insert statement: INSERT {myproj:Test rdf:type myproj:Class}. We are on Virtuoso. Is there a way to disallow other interfaces or is OntoWiki written in such a way that we can’t prevent http posts?

    Not in an easy way at the moment. I could imagine more action identifier to allow more fine grained access control. This seems to be the easiest way to solve this use case.

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