Create and capture appropriate data for User or Data Source Profile.

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    UDFR User Profile

    What is Viewable: 1. User Profile information is viewable ONLY to those who have registered (have editing privileges) 2. The User Name (not real name) is visible for anonymous viewing 3. So, for anonymous viewers, they will see a User Name in the History tab, but it will not be clickable. Registered users will see a clickable link for the User Name in the History tab. 4. When one clicks on the User Name, a pop-up window will show (a) user/data source real name; (b) institutional affiliation; (c) website; and (d) notes fields. 5. The Profile ontology will need to be “hidden” to users so that they don’t create additional users.

    Validation 1. All fields are string fields. 2. Validation for fields is: a. Real Name/Data Source: minimum 3 characters b. Affiliated organization: minimum 3 characters c. Notes field: none (maximum 2000 characters) d. Website: must start with “http:” or “https:” 3. Only (a) Real Name and (b) Institutional affiliation are required. Note: a toggle between User and Data Source is also required, but will default to Individual. 4. Mouse-over contextual help will be used.

    Terms of Use 1. Anyone who uses the system will agree to showing their Real Name and Affiliation to any and all registered users. 2. E-mail addresses will not be shown.

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