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All GDFR documentation is located at []. The most relevant GDFR documentation for UDFR is:

Data Model

Describing and Modeling Formats


  • (2003) The original use cases for GDFR were submitted in 2003 by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Harvard University, JISC, JSTOR, MIT, NYU, OCLC, UK National Archives, and the University of Pennsylvania. The full text of these use cases is on this website at
  • (2003) A list of services that GDFR should support was compiled by Mackenzie Smith (MIT) based on the above use cases. This service model is documented in Global Format Registry Service Architecture, March 11, 2003.
  • (2006-7) OCLC developed a set of use cases for GDFR in 2006-7. They are contained within this document: GDFR Analysis Model, v. 2.0; October 1, 2007.. This document served as the GDFR functional requirements specification.