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Examples of other governance models

  • IIPC agreement: an agreement among members (40 institutions) to act collaboratively within the construct of the agreement: agreement includes statements and principles regarding Membership, General Assembly, Coordinating institution (Chair), Steering Committee, Technical Committee, Technical officer, Communications Officer, Treasurer, Project Management, Dissemination of the Works of the Consortium, Budget, Commencement and Termination, Liability, General Provisions, Applicable Law - governed by French law and shall be subject to the competence of French Courts. The Treasurer is at BnF and BNF processes all finances, Communications officer is LC. Annual membership is geared to Operating Budget of member institutions.
  • is an independent, registered charity established in 1978 to raise funds, and to receive donations and grants. is an alliance of partners who work together to strengthen their collective ability to create, present and manage Canadian online content. acts as an overall coordinator, facilitator and advocate for digitization initiatives, together with their enduring access services and preservation infrastructures. See governance at
  • Kuali Foundation The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for sustaining and evolving administrative software that meets the needs of all Carnegie Class institutions. Its members are colleges, universities, commercial firms and interested organizations that share a common vision of open, modular, and distributed systems for their software requirements. The goal of Kuali is to bring the proven functionality of legacy applications to the ease and universality of online services. NOTE: THE OLE Project would like to house their project within Kuali
  • PREMIS, METS, MODS, MARC - maintenance agency is LC