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The Technical Working Group is composed of: Gilbert Boisvenu, Pam Armstrong, Andrea Goethals, Tim Gollins, Bill Underwood, Stephen Abrams, Carol Chou, Joe Pawletko, Johan van der Knijff.

Phase 1 Functional Requirements:

Use Cases

  • Use Case List, UDFR use case requirements, a selected core subset for phase 1, a comparison of the support of the use case between PRONOM 6 and UDFR; and which use cases will need more specification for either the input or the output of the use case.
  • Use Case Descriptions, the start of a more detailed description of use cases. This one includes a description of some of the PRONOM export formats which need to be migrated to a different doc. Draft, Andrea Goethals: Use Case Descriptions
  • Suggestions from Robert Sanderson, Herbert Van de Sompel, describes how UDFR identifiers could be formatted to support the retrieval of particular versions of (schemas?) and how UDFR identifiers could support the principles of linked data by resolving to ORE resource maps. Los Alamos Use Case
  • Use case templates:
    • Document with an introduction to writing functional requirements. It contains a basic use case template that could be useful as a starting point: Bredemeyer functional requirements
    • Another template from the Agile Modeling website: Agile Modeling Template
    • Another use case document from It includes a template with a description for each section in the use case template. See ProcessImpact template
    • Use case template used for GDFR - see page 10 and on in this doc: GDFR analysis model
    • Elaborated use case descriptions + final template (JvdK, Feb. 4, 2010): UDFR Use Cases

Data Model Analysis

  • Conceptual Diagrams, drafts, Anne Ward: PRONOM - GDFR Analysis
  • Detailed Comparison, an element-by-element comparison between the PRONOM 6 and UDFR data models (Key: orange shading= doesn't exist in the model; blue shading= the 2 models use different values for the element; yellow= the meaning of the element is unclear), draft, Andrea Goethals: PRONOM - UDFR data element analysis
  • Analysis, a high-level analysis of the large differences between the PRONOM 6 and UDFR data models, draft, Andrea Goethals: PRONOM - UDFR data model analysis