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This page contains a template for the elaborated use cases, some related documentation, and a section where all contributors can add their actual use cases.

Use case template

A template for the elaborated use cases is here: UDFR Use Case Template. For an example of (a first stab at) an actual use case description based on this template, have a look at this document: Search Web Interface Use Case

The template was adapted from the GDFR template, with the addition of an 'Issues' field. Please have a look at the comments below:

Page setup

Please note that the template uses the US Letter format.


In order to make the final editing of the use cases somewhat easier, the template has three style definitions:

  • ucHead: use this for the use case headings in the left-hand column;
  • ucDesc: use this for the descriptions in the right-hand column, except:
  • ucID: this is used only for the use case ID (top row, right-hand column)

I would suggest to stick to using only these styles (i.e. do not include any additional formatting of your own). This will make things much easier in case any last-minute layout changes are needed in the final document.

Naming conventions for use case IDs

I don't quite remember whether we already made any agreements on the naming of the use case identifiers (if we did and I somehow missed out on this, please let me know!). I would suggest to use a simple naming scheme where each name is more or less self-explanatory, e.g.: 'searchWebInterface', 'retrieveWebService', and so on (using mixedCamelCase to separate the individual words). Should this result in excessively long identifiers we should think of something else ...

'Actors' field

During the 3 Feb 2010 conference call, we identified 4 possible actors:

  • Registry User
  • Registry Editor
  • Registry System
  • Client System

'Post-conditions' field

Looking at the GDFR template I'm not 100% sure what this is about exactly, and whether we need this at all. If anyone has any ideas on this please insert them here!

Elaborated use cases by category





Add 'storage' use cases here