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Small tweaks: enabled collab, removed some debugging.

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File bespin/

 # List of capabilities provided by the server. This is just a list of strings
 # to be interpreted by the client. This will adjust the user interface to
 # focus the user on the capabilities provided by this server.
-c.capabilities = set(["vcs"])
+c.capabilities = set(["vcs", "collab"])
+#c.capabilities = set(["vcs"])
 # Set this variable to point to the location of a Thunderhead
 # source directory and that will be used during development.

File bespin/

     followers = [follower.following.username for follower in followers if follower.following]
     # find the owner
     isMyProject = _is_project_shared(project, user)
-    print "*** 2 " + str(isMyProject)
     for follower in followers:
             member = User.find_user(follower)