Alex Gaynor avatar Alex Gaynor committed 3976bd3

add the new op to llinterp, fixes tests.

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         return llmemory.cast_adr_to_int(adr, mode)
+    def op_convert_float_bytes_to_longlong(self, f):
+        from pypy.rlib import longlong2float
+        return longlong2float.float2longlong(f)
     def op_weakref_create(self, v_obj):
         def objgetter():    # special support for
             return self.getval(v_obj)


     'force_cast':           LLOp(sideeffects=False),    # only for rffi.cast()
+    'convert_float_bytes_to_longlong': LLOp(canfold=True),
     # __________ pointer operations __________
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