This is MINIMATOR, a tool for controller synthesis and computation of minimal invariant sets for linear switched systems.


In order to run the examples included in the distribution, all you need to do is set an environment variable pointing to the directory this README is located in:

export MINIMATOR=/path/to/minimator

You can include this in your .profile or .bashrc if you want.


The control synthesis part of MINIMATOR is implemented in GNU Octave. The post image operation for the invariant set computation is done using a separate tool implemented in Ocaml and using the Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL). A binary is included to save you from the painful compilation process. For graphical output, the GNU plotting utils come in handy.

Here is a list of software tools that MINIMATOR depends on:

Here is a list of software you need for manual compilation:

CUDA extension

There is an experimental extension that runs the MINIMATOR algoithms on Nvidia GPUs. In order to use it, go into the cuda subdirectory and call make. You will need the Nvidia compiler (nvcc) and a full octave installation for this to work. For a simple example, see the file examples/twoTanksGrid.m.

More Infos

More information on the tool and on the included benchmarks can be found in the Wiki.

Have fun!