1.12.2-1.5.15 SSP Fire doesn't go away when laid in the sky

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Issue #2 resolved
Kreezxil created an issue

[9:37 PM] Sandra: (Singleplayer, creative) Destrier spawns fire... in the air? and it doesn't go away? unknown.png

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  1. Joel Sieh

    The nightmare is supposed to leave a trail of fire, even when he flies in the air. I am working on the issue with it not fading like it should.

  2. Kreezxil reporter

    After posting this I discovered that one of my staff turned off the fire tick. I haven't had any further reports since turning it back on

  3. Joel Sieh

    This kind of behavior is caused by turning off fire tick. However, reducing the length to time nightmare fire remained was still an improvement.

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