Kirin and Hippocamp completely white (1.16.5)

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I'm playing on the newest version of the mod that was just released today for 1.16.5, and I found some issues that are major to me, but may not be to anyone else. I don't use shaders or texture packs and all the mods that I do use modify biomes. The Kirin and Hippocamps have no coloration, they're completely white. The Kirin is missing its whiskers(?) and the Hippocamp is missing its tail.

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  1. Joel

    This is weird, and I haven’t seen it before. Which mods are you using? Knowing that might help me figure out what’s going on.

  2. Sascha Haines

    @Joel I’m using around 50 other mods that only really add new blocks and biomes and I didn’t have this issue on other versions of the UU mod. But I’ll go through all of my mods to see what could be causing it!

  3. Sascha Haines

    @Joel I think I figured out the issue! It happens when I load in worlds that used a previous version of UU. I created a new instance with all the same mods and it happened, then tried in my regular instance on a new world and it happened then too, but still persisted in the world that I took the screenshots in

  4. Joel Sieh

    Interesting - so if I’m reading it right, the textures appear OK if you create a new world? However, if you use a world that used a previous version of the mod, then the textures are white?

    It’s definitely a texture loading issue…. It could be related to loading the horse from file. I’ll see if I can reproduce.

    Do you know what version of the mod you were using prior to upgrading to the latest?

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