Horses spawning in caves

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Not that big of a deal, I can take care of it but it is really annoying.

I have a world with this mod and there's a considerably large cave system underneath the island that I live on and I discovered there is, easily, over 100 horses (nightmares, destriers, hippocamps, pegasus, all of the above) spawning in them. It's causing some minor lag and it's super annoying. The nightmares are spawning fire in the caves and everytime you go near the cave it causes my fps to go down to 30.

Not sure what I could do to easily get rid of them, again not that big of a deal just was wondering if there's anything I could do to stop it other than turning the spawn rates down to 0.

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  1. Joel Sieh

    Wow, that is super weird. I’ll take a look - maybe there’s something off with the natural spawning allowing them to spawn below ground.

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