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Run npm install after cloning the repo.

Available npm commands:

  • npm run dev - build for development
  • npm run dist - build for production
  • npm test - run tests
  • npm start - run the dev application
  • npm run watch - enable watch mode (automatically rebuild and run tests after a change is detected in either source or test code)

In order to run the production app, build it and run node dist/index.js -e production.

Application command line arguments

You can control the application config using command line arguments when running the app.

  • -e or --env - choose running environment. Defaults to development.
  • -p or --port - set the server port. Defaults to 3000.
  • -h or --host - set the server hostname. Defaults to

Environment variables

You can also control the application config using environment variables. They always take precedence before any command line arguments.

  • NODE_ENV - choose running environment.
  • PORT - set server port