GAE Feedback form handler ========================= This script provides you with a feedback form that sends all messages to email. Useful when your web site does not have this function (e.g. it's a static web site). Written by Justin Forest ( in 2011. License: BSD. Installation ------------ To use this script add it as a handler to whatever path you want by adding this to your app.yaml: handlers: - url: /mail script: Configuration ------------- The script reads configuration from a file named, from which the following variables are used: - ADMIN_EMAIL — this is where the messages will be sent. - SENDER_EMAIL — this is from whose name they'll be sent. - RECAPTCHA_PUB, RECAPTCHA_PVT — keys for [using reCAPTCHA][re] (not used if the keys are not defined). How to use it ------------- Install the script and access it using your web browser.  If you can successfully receive messages, you can either link to the built-in form from your web site, or use a customized form.  The following fields are used: - subject — a subject line, - message — tye main text, - sender — an email address (will be included in the body), - back — where to send the user to after sending the message. You can use hidden fields for all, it's OK. Known bugs ---------- - reCAPTCHA only works with JavaScript. - Form fields and messages are not localized. If you find more bugs, email me at  You can email me with this script from my web site at: [re]: