Static website editor

This is an online editor for a static website. It lets you edit existing pages and create new ones using customized templates. You can work on drafts, publish them, rebuild and update the online website.

It supports multiple repositories. E.g., one installation of this editor can serve multiple static websites.

I'm using it with a Poole, but it will probably work with any static website generator which uses similar page format.

How it works

You install it by copying index.php and application.phar to your web hosting. No unusual configuration is needed, no database or anything else. When you access your editor, it should greet you with a welcome page.

This is a PHP application compiled as a PHAR archive, easy to deploy and use. No database is needed. Your top-level index.php just includes the PHAR file, and it works. Despite the contents of this repository, on your server you'll only need index.php and application-xyz.phar.

There is a folder named repos. It contains domain name based subfolders, which contain some config files. For example, if you have a static website at, you'd install the editor at and put your configs files there. See examples.


  • Only .md files can be edited or created. Other files, like scripts or images, you will have to modify using other means.


Post-install welcome screen:

Welcome screen

Login screen:

Login screen

Blog pages, sorted by date:

Blog pages

Other pages, sorted by alphabet:

Other pages

New page creation:

New page

Page editor:

Page editor

Page metadata and actions:

Page metadata