Task Reminder

This is a script that polls configured issue trackers and shows you open issues that belong to you or were reported by you.  This is sort of like RSS for issue trackers.  By looking at the output of this script you can quickly pick something to work on next.  This is a good start for an OSS developer's day.

Supported issue trackers: Google Code, GitHub, Bugzilla, Megaplan, YouTube (ehm).

Dependencies: python-dateutil, python-gdata.

Example output

This is how the output looks:

support (13):

- Strange behaviour of Issue Tracker API
- Support for Universal Edit Button

ardj (44):

- Чтение новостей из @rian
- Деэссер для ТСН

The number in brackets is the number of issues (the rest was stripped for keeping this example small).  The trackers are listed in the order they're defined in the config file.


The settings are read from ~/.config/tremor.yaml, which should look like this:

- name: support
  key: value

Configuring Google Code

To report issues owned by "alice" in project "example" except those modified within last 14 days:

- name: support
  type: Google Code
  user: alice
  delay: 14

To report issues reported by "alice" in project "example":

- name: support
  type: Google Code
  user: alice
  reporter: yes

Configuring GitHub

To report issues owned by "alice" in project "user/repo":

- name: user/repo
  type: GitHub
  user: alice

Configuring a Bugzilla

To report issues owned by "alice" in a Bugzilla installation:

- name: something
  type: Bugzilla

Configuring Megaplan

To report your issues from Megaplan:

- name: something
  type: megaplan

Configuring YouTube

To show recently added videos from channels to which user "alice" is subscribed:

- name: something
  type: YouTube
  password: xyz
  days: 14

This is not a good idea to store your Google password anywhere.  You can use the [2-step authentication] to mitigate the risk.  Or send a patch that would use OAuth, I couldn't figure out what to do.