UMW Multisite JetPack Control

Contributors: cgrymala

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Tags: jetpack, modules, multisite, control, deactivate

Requires at least: 3.9.1

Tested up to: 4.1.1

Stable tag: 1.2

License: GPLv2 or later

License URI:

Allows code-based control over which JetPack modules are available for use on individual sites.


This plugin removes specific JetPack modules from the system so that individual site admins can not activate/enable them. The following modules have been disabled:

  • Contact Form - No need when we have Gravity Forms installed
  • Custom Content Types - Currently useless
  • Gravatar Hovercards - Causes some JS conflicts throughout the site
  • Infinite Scroll - None of our theme configurations support this
  • JetPack Single Sign-On - Would conflict with our sign-on system
  • Manage - Would be ridiculous with the number of sites running off of one install
  • Mobile Theme - We don't want a third-party mobile theme, other than the WPTouch Pro theme we're running on a handful of sites
  • Monitor - We have other systems in-place to keep an eye on site uptime
  • Notifications - We don't want to receive notifications about every little thing that happens throughout the install
  • Photon - Until we have a better chance to investigate how this effects us, we need it turned off
  • Post By Email - Absolutely not
  • Protect - The shared IP across campus was causing false-positive security flags
  • Site Icon - We have a single favicon that needs to be used
  • Site Verification - We don't want them to verify that someone other than us owns the site
  • VideoPress - We don't have a VideoPress subscription, so need to confuse users
  • VaultPress - We don't have a subscription for this, either
  • Shortlinks - These were unreliable, and caused SiteImprove to throw a lot of Broken Link warnings.

The plugin also allows you to choose specific JetPack modules that will be forcibly activated. So far, the list of forcibly active modules is:


This plugin should only be installed as a mu-plugin

  1. Upload class-umw-multisite-jetpack-control.php to the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory
  2. Do not upload any of the other files within this folder to the mu-plugins directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did this code come from?

The code used in this plugin was inspired by a post by Jeremy Herve

How do we change the list of modules that are available to site admins?

There are no dashboard options to do this. However, you can use the umw-blocked-jetpack-modules filter to modify the list of modules that gets blacklisted. It's an auto-indexed array containing the slugs of the modules we want to block.

You can also use the umw-forced-jetpack-modules filter to modify the list of modules that are forcibly activated.

Why is a module in my list of forced modules not being activated?

More than likely, that module is also in the blocked modules list. If a module appears in both lists, the blacklist will take precedence over the force list.

Why is [insert module name here] included in the list of unavailable modules?

The explanations are included in the readme information above.



  • Add the list of modules that can be forcibly activated
  • Add the umw-forced-jetpack-modules filter


  • Add the Shortlinks to the list of blocked modules


  • Add the umw-blocked-jetpack-modules filter to allow the list of blocked modules to be modified outside of the plugin


  • Add vaultpress to the list of blocked modules
  • Force deactivate any blocked modules


  • Add blocked modules to the list of available modules (previous version just did default modules)


  • This is the initial version