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pygeocoder 1.1.3
Xiao Yu
Sébastien Fievet

*Based on googlemaps 1.0.2 by John Kleint*


This is a Python wrapper for Google Geocoding API V3

It allows you to directly convert an address to coordinates or vice versa. It also allows you to validate, format and split addresses into civic number, street name, city etc.

Its only dependency is the json module, included with Python versions 2.6 and
later and available for download as simplejson for earlier versions.
It is developed on Python 2.7 but should work on earlier versions.

You can install this package using pip:

	sudo pip install pygeocoder
or download the source from and install
	python install

Please refer to for help with usage

Contact Information
Author: Xiao Yu

For comments, issues, requests, please contact via bitbucket at the above website

Version 1.1.3
Made Geocoder methods static method while backward compatible

Version 1.1.2
Added address validation

Version 1.1.1
Returns GeocoderResult by default. 
Result set accessible by iterator or index.

Version 1.1
Added GeocoderResult in order to ease field retrieval/result parsing.

Version 1.0
Working version an API V3.

Recent activity

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