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terbium / Dependencies


Terbium requires:

  • Python 2.5 or 2.6. It has not (yet) been tested against Python 3.x.
  • Jinja 2 to handle its templating.
  • PIL - the Python Imaging Library, used for reading image files and generating thumbnails and previews.
  • (0.4 release only) JSON-py for reading configuration data.
  • (0.5 release and later) SimpleJSON or Python 2.6 (which comes with the module) for reading configuration data.

With the possible exception of Jinja2, all of these should be available in the package repositories for most Linux distributions


Terbium has not been tested or run in a Windows environment. However, there's nothing especially fancy about it so it Might Just Work. Let us know if you try it. As a hint, a Cygwin environment is more *nix-like, and would probably work better.


Terbium has not been run or tested in any Apple environments. It should probably Just Work, but it's not been tried.