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Terbium Mailing Lists

Discussion and support of Terbium occurs on our mailing lists. The lists are provided by Google Groups. IMAGE

Terbium Users

The main mailing list for the Terbium community. Subscribe to this list to participate in the project, ''ask for help'', or to keep up to date with Terbium development. Terbium-Users.

Before asking for help on the above mailing list, be sure you read the Terbium FAQ

Terbium Dev

This is the Terbium development mailing list. Subscribe to this list to take part in Terbium development, or to keep up to date with Terbium development. Terbium-Dev

IMG Please use the terbium-users mailing list for sending support requests, not terbium-dev!

Terbium Announce

Terbium-Announce is a light traffic mailing list for announcements regarding Terbium, mostly release announcements and important updates. This list is read-only . Terbium Announce

Terbium Notifications

Terbium-Notifications is a fairly high traffic mailing list for ticket changes and (eventually) commit messages. Every time a ticket is modified a new message is posted on this list. Terbium-Notifications