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Quick Start

Initial Creation

Once you've downloaded and installed Terbium, the basic way to use it is as follows.

  1. create a source directory. Into this, you put your media files (image, sound, and video) in sub-folders however you wish the structure of your gallery to look.
  2. decide the target directory, where the static output will be generated. The name is not important as it is never actually referred to in the generated pages, but you must have write permissions to it.
  3. run the script
terbium <source-directory> <target-directory>

You will get some progress output. The initial build may take some time, as thumbnails need to be generated for every image in the source directory.


Make whatever changes, moving things around, adding or removing to the source directory structure. When satisfied, simply run the script again as above, and Terbium will detect what has changed and act accordingly. All the changes are written into the target hierarchy.

If you have enabled preening, files and directories will be removed from target if their counterparts were removed from source.