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codetrainer / Build Process

The following instructions are a quick reference of how to build codetrainer project.

Location of files

  1. The codetrainer repository (your clone of codetrainer - should be placed in a directory without spaces Let's use C:\Code as an example. In this case the codetrainer directory is C:\Code\codetrainer
  2. The codetrainerplugins repository (your clone of codetrainerplugins - should be placed alongside codetrainer framework. For our example this must be C:\Code\codetrainerplugins. It is mandatory that the codetrainerplugins clone should be in a directory named codetrainerplugins.
  3. Install all the prerequisites
  4. Launch C:\Code\codetrainer\scripts\windows\buildall.bat to compile everything on windows (for linux it is similar). This will create codetrainer-build and codetrainerplugins-build which are the solutions for Visual Studio 201x (greater version have priority - this means that if you have 2010 and 2013 installed 2013 will be used).

So after this the C:\Code folder will contain at least:

  • C:\Code\codetrainer (the clone of your codetrainer repository)

  • C:\Code\codetrainer-build (the build of codetrainer)

  • C:\Code\codetrainerplugins (the clone of your codetrainerplugins repository)

  • C:\Code\codetrainerplugins-build (the build of codetrainerplugins)

  • C:\Code\install (the final output directory from which you can run codetrainer application without any missing DLL issues)

  • C:\Code\install-setup (the codetrainer setup which is a typical windows step by step installation wizard)

Troubleshooting in case of build errors

If your build fails make sure you did the following:

  1. You've installed/downloaded all the prerequisites
  2. You compiled wxWidgets as described here.
  3. Be sure to correclty set the WXWIN environment variable
  4. You compiled portaudio as described here.
  5. Be sure to correctly set the PORTAUDIO_PATH variable
  6. Redirect the output of buildall.bat command and check the output file for errors. This makes it easier to check for errors without doing screenshots of the command prompt if launched from outside a command prompt.
  7. You get an error like the following:

     The input line is too long.
     The syntax of the command is incorrect.

    You need to restart the command prompt you're using because some environment variables have new values appended to them by some Visual Studio script. This happens when you repeatedly call the build scripts from the same console window.