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codetrainer / FAQ

  • Building process fails for one or more reasons
  • I loaded in Visual Studio codetrainer.sln (from codetrainer-build) but when I try to run/debug codetrainer it tells me that some wx... DLLs cannot be found
    • Please set INSTALL as default target in Visual Studio. Only with this target you can debug/run in Visual Studio.
  • Debug doesn't work when even though I've set INSTALL as default target in Visual Studio. I can run codetrainer from the INSTALL target but I cannot debug it.
    • This is most likely a Visual Studio problem (we didn't find any issues with cmake). Try building the INSTALL target before retrying to debug. If building of INSTALL doesn't try rebuilding it.
  • There's a cmake error regarding get_filename_component(CTBASE_LIB_LOCATION ${CTBASE_LIB_PATH} DIRECTORY) function.
    • Please make sure you use cmake 3.2.1 or newer. The best thing to do is to have the latest cmake installed.
  • INSTALL target fails to build with a weird error
    • Please make sure you are not running codetrainer.exe or other executables from the install folder. This is because the INSTALL target performs some file copy operations that will fail when an executable is running. This is because, under Windows at least, a running executable or a loaded DLL cannot be deleted or overwritten