freieit / fabfile.rst

fabric file for webapp

Author: Albert Dengg <>
Date: 2013-02-24
Manual Section:1


fab [-H hostname] [-A] [--set=KEY=VALUE] [additinonal options] command


-A ssh agent forwarding, needed to to run mercurial commands on the remote host
-H hostname hostname/ssh_config entry of the remote host, defaults to localhost.

—set=KEY=VALUE set key/value pairs for the internal config. For future use for example production=True to deploy to production instance instead of test instance

additinonal options see fab --help

command see section commands


clean remove development db & media files

collectstatic merge all static file sources into the target static folder

deploy update code & db to current revision

fixtures load testdata

install_req install/update requirements in the virtualenv

make_venv build virtualenv

prepare_migration ???

rebuild_venv remove & completly rebuild virtualenv with current requierements

runserver run django server

shell get a shell to the instance

syncdb update db

update update files


fab -A -H update
run testserver update on
fab -H restart
restart testserver instance on
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