This script synchronizes a music collection recursively one way from a 
lossless format source directory to a lossy file format target directory.


It is for example useful when you have a music collection in flac or wav 
format and want to keep a copy on a mp3 player with the same file and 
directory structure but with mp3/ogg files instead of the original flac files.

The target format can be specified. Currently supported targets are mp3 and ogg. 
mp3 is the default target.

The source directory is walked recursively:

If the filename exists on the target nothing is done 
(the file contents itself are not compared), otherwise files are converted:

  * flac converted to target format, some id3 Tags are copied too
  * wav converted to target format
  * ogg unchanged copied to target
  * mp3 unchanged copied to target
  * m3u, jpg unchanged copied to target
  * Volume is adjusted with mp3gain if target format is mp3

Missing directories on the target are created.
The type of file is determined by its extension.
The source and target directories must exist.

lame, flac, metaflac, mp3gain has to be installed for mp3 target
flac, vorbis-tools has to be installed for ogg target

Tested on Debian Lenny/Squeeze/Wheezy.

Usage: [options] source_dir target_dir

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
                        set's the log level (ie. the amount of output) possible values: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL
  -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        set the target format to mp3 or ogg (default is mp3)
  -w, --target_win      convert the filenames to Windows convention (for example if you copy to a FAT Partition)
  -d, --no_donation     suppress the donation message.
  -s, --followlinks     By default the script will not walk down into symbolic links that resolve to directories. Set followlinks to visit directories pointed to by symlinks, on systems
                        that support them.
  -r, --resample        resample to 44.1KHz when converting
  -m, --multiprocess    use multiprocessing to convert the files (default is false)
                        set the number of processes used to convert the files, ignored if multiprocess option is not active (default is the number of detected CPUs)

GPL v3

Gregor Horvath,

Markus Näsman <> : ogg support
Lionel Duriez : multiprocessing, added flags, windows support