Tino de Bruijn committed 279ce41

renamed Arduino to Board

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     def close(self):
-class MockupArduinos(pyfirmata.Arduinos):
+class MockupBoards(pyfirmata.Boards):
     def __init__(self, identifier='', arduinos_map={}, values_dict={}):
         self.values_dict = values_dict
         for a in arduinos_map.values():
-            self[a['name']] = MockupArduino(name=a['name'], type=a['board'], values_dict=values_dict)
+            self[a['name']] = MockupBoard(name=a['name'], type=a['board'], values_dict=values_dict)
     def update_values_dict(self, values_dict=None):
         if values_dict is not None:
     def reset_taken(self):
-class MockupArduino(pyfirmata.Arduino):
+class MockupBoard(pyfirmata.Board):
     def __init__(self, port='', type="normal", values_dict={}, name=''): = name
 pyfirmata.DigitalPort = MockupPort
 pyfirmata.Pin = MockupPin
-Arduinos = MockupArduinos
-Arduino = MockupArduino
+Boards = MockupBoards
+Board = MockupBoard


 CMDS.add_handler('REPORT_VERSION', update_version)
-class Arduinos(dict):
+class Boards(dict):
     A dictonary to manage multiple Arduinos on the same machine. Tries to
     connect to all defined usb ports, and then tries to fetch the arduino's
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