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Tino de Bruijn  committed ce21005

Wait and iterate over initial firmata messages

Specifically get Firmware and Port Init messages
when openning a Board, instead of depending to the
user to set up an iterator or loop.

Thanks to nickraptis

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File pyfirmata/mockup.py

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     def close(self):
+    def inWaiting(self):
+        return len(self)
 class MockupBoard(pyfirmata.Board):
     def __init__(self, port, layout, values_dict={}):

File pyfirmata/pyfirmata.py

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     def __init__(self, port, layout, baudrate=57600, name=None):
         self.sp = serial.Serial(port, baudrate)
-        # Allow 2 secs for Arduino's auto-reset to happen
-        # TODO Is this still necessary?
-        self.pass_time(2)
+        # Allow 5 secs for Arduino's auto-reset to happen
+        # Alas, Firmata blinks it's version before printing it to serial
+        # For 2.3, even 5 seconds might not be enough.
+        # TODO Find a more reliable way to wait until the board is ready
+        self.pass_time(5)
         self.name = name
         if not self.name:
             self.name = port
-        # TODO Test if we get a firmware name and version, otherwise there 
+        # Iterate over the first messages to get firmware data
+        while self.bytes_available():
+            self.iterate()
+        # TODO Test whether we got a firmware name and version, otherwise there 
         # probably isn't any Firmata installed
     def __str__(self):