Doug Hellmann committed a457fe6

add trap to remove temporary file, see #38

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+2010-05-18  Doug Hellmann  <>
+	* (virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Use a trap to
+	ensure the temporary file is removed when we exit.
 2010-05-16  Doug Hellmann  <>
 	* (virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Set a default

 virtualenvwrapper_tempfile () {
     # Note: the 'X's must come last
     typeset suffix=${1:-hook}
-    mktemp -t "virtualenvwrapper-$suffix-XXXXXXXXXX"
+    typeset file="`mktemp -t virtualenvwrapper-$suffix-XXXXXXXXXX`"
     if [ $? -ne 0 ]
         echo "ERROR: virtualenvwrapper could not create a temporary file name." 1>&2
         return 1
+    trap "rm '$file' >/dev/null 2>&1" EXIT
+    echo $file
     return 0
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