Markdown Beans

The markdown-beans extends the LinkRenderer and PegDownProcessor classes.

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Deprecation note

As the upstream project pegdown was deprecated all my related projects deprecated too.


markdown-beans is licensed under the Apache License v2.0


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Manual installation

Download the jar of latest version from the download page on Bintray.


Download the jar of markdown-options from the download page on Bintray.


Other markdown-beans dependencies:

  • asm: asm, asm-analysis, asm-tree and asm-util - v5.0.3 or better;
  • parboiled: parboiled-core and parboiled-java - v1.1.7 or better;
  • pegdown: v1.6.0 or better;
  • slf4j: slf4j-api v1.7.7 or better;
  • any slf4j provider if you need logging.

Supported Markdown options

Use these names (case-insensitive):

  • Abbreviations: PHP Markdown Extra style abbreviations;
  • All: all available options except HTML ones, AtxHeaderSpace, ExtraAnchorinks, ForceListItemParagraph, RelaxedHorizontalRules, TaskListItems;
  • Anchorlinks: enables anchor links in headers;
  • AtxHeaderSpace: requires a space char after Atx # header prefixes;
  • Autolinks: enables plain autolinks the way github flavoured markdown implements them;
  • DefinitionLists: PHP Markdown Extra style definition lists;
  • ExtraAnchorinks: generate anchor links for headers using complete contents of the header;
  • FencedCodeBlocks: PHP Markdown Extra style fenced code blocks;
  • ForceListItemParagraph: force List and Definition Paragraph wrapping if it includes more than just a single paragraph;
  • Hardwraps: enables the parsing of hard wraps as HTML linebreaks;
  • None: the default, standard markup mode without any extensions, overwrites other options if uses;
  • Quotes: pretty single and double quotes;
  • RelaxedHorizontalRules: allow horizontal rules without a blank line following them;
  • Smarts: pretty ellipses, dashes and apostrophes;
  • Smartypants: smarts + quotes;
  • Strikethrough: support ~~strikethroughs~~ as supported in Pandoc and Github;
  • SuppressAllHtml: suppresses HTML blocks as well as inline HTML tags;
  • SuppressHtmlBlocks: suppresses HTML blocks;
  • SuppressInlineHtml: suppresses inline HTML tags;
  • Tables: table support similar to what Multimarkdown offers;
  • TaskListItems: GitHub style task list items: - [ ] and - [x];
  • Wikilinks: support [[Wiki-style links]].

See more details in Markdown Options's javadoc, Options class page.

Markdown Beans API


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