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B.Greenham  committed 107e399

Update help snomask with snomasks provided by extensions.

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 MODE <nick> +s <+|-><modes>
-Server notice masks:
+Server notice masks: (? designates that the snomask is provided 
+		      by an extension and may not be present on 
+                      this server) 
        +C     - Extended local client connections and exits
        +d     - Server debug messages
        +f     - Clients refused due to limits
+     ? +F     - Global client connections and exits
        +k     - Server and service kill messages
        +n     - Local client nick changes
        +r     - Invalid usernames and dumb HTTP proxies
        +s     - Generic server messages and oper kills
        +u     - Client connections without auth{} block
+     ? +W     - Shows whenever someone does a local whois on you
        +x     - New server introduction and split messages
        +y     - Juped channel join attempts, etc
        +Z     - Operspy usage