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[svn] - the new plan:
+ branches/release-2.1 -> 2.2 base
+ 3.0 -> branches/cxxconversion
+ backport some immediate 3.0 functionality for 2.2
+ other stuff

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+/* $Id: .indent.pro 238 2005-09-21 05:26:03Z nenolod $ */
+/* copy this file to the source dir then run indent file.c */
+/* This is the indent before the brace not inside the block. */
+/* Indent case: by 2 and braces inside case by 0(then by 0)... */
+/* Put while() on the brace from do... */
+/* Disable an annoying format... */
+/* Disable an annoying format... */
+/* Disable an annoying format... */
+/* typedefs */
+-T boolean_t
+-T node_t
+-T list_t
+-T tld_t
+-T kline_t
+-T sra_t
+-T server_t
+-T user_t
+-T channel_t
+-T chanuser_t
+-T myuser_t
+-T mychan_t
+-T chanacs_t
+-T Block
+-T MemBlock
+-T BlockHeap


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+ Known Bugs worthy of a mention:
+1.  /MODUNLOAD causes cores:
+    - If a module is modified before being unloaded, /MODUNLOAD (and
+      therefore /MODRELOAD) may cause a core.
+      This problem is caused by the behaviour of the OS, which treats
+      shared libraries differently to executables (modifying the ircd
+      binary whilst it is running would also cause a core, but is denied
+      by the OS).
+      A workaround to avoid coring is possible however.  To install new
+      modules, first remove or rename the old module, then copy/move the
+      new file into place.  install or make install is also safe.
+      /MODUNLOAD will then work successfully.
+      We will likely have a workaround implemented in the next version.
+BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
+ the bug via IRC, irc.atheme.net #athemenet-dev.
+ Please include a gdb backtrace and keep your binaries, modules and core file
+ in case the developers need more information.
+$Id: BUGS 1634 2006-06-04 13:26:04Z jilles $


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+$Id: CREDITS 3133 2007-01-21 15:38:16Z jilles $
+Charybdis started as an evolution from ircd-ratbox-2.1.5+datadrain. Its
+development is led by a team of dedicated developers who have put a lot
+of time into the project.
+The charybdis core team is listed in nick-alphabetical order:
+gxti, Michael Tharp <gxti -at- partiallystapled.com>
+jilles, Jilles Tjoelker <jilles -at- stack.nl>
+nenolod, William Pitcock <nenolod -at- nenolod.net>
+twincest, River Tarnell <river -at- attenuate.org>
+The following people have made contributions to the Charybdis release,
+in nick-alphabetical order:
+AndroSyn, Aaron Sethman <androsyn -at- ratbox.org>
+anfl, Lee Hardy <lee -at- leeh.co.uk>
+beu, Elfyn McBratney <elfyn.mcbratney -at- gmail.com>
+Entrope, Michael Poole <mdpoole -at- trolius.org> 
+ThaPrince, Jon Christopherson <jon -at- vile.com>
+w00t, Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t -at- gmail.com>
+Visit the Charybdis website at: http://www.ircd-charybdis.org