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Remove some unused variables.
Found with llvm static analyzer.

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 		char *p;
 		char *s;
-		char *t;
 		s = LOCAL_COPY(info);
 			*p = '\0';
 		/* check for a ] which would symbolise an [IP] */
-		if((t = strchr(s, ']')))
+		if(strchr(s, ']'))
 			/* set s to after the first space */


 	int lenadd;
 	int lendel;
 	int del;
-	struct Client *target_p;
 	char *n = LOCAL_COPY(nicks);
 	*addbuf = *delbuf = '\0';
-		if((target_p = find_named_person(name)) == NULL)
+		if(find_named_person(name) == NULL)
 			sendto_one_numeric(source_p, ERR_NOSUCHNICK, 
 					   form_str(ERR_NOSUCHNICK), name);


 mo_kline(struct Client *client_p, struct Client *source_p,
 	 int parc, const char **parv)
-	char def[] = "No Reason";
 	char user[USERLEN + 2];
 	char host[HOSTLEN + 2];
 	char buffer[IRCD_BUFSIZE];
-	char *reason = def;
+	char *reason;
 	char *oper_reason;
 	const char *current_date;
 	const char *target_server = NULL;
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