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B.Greenham  committed 8feef43

Add help extban.

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File help/Makefile.in

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 uhelpdir=	${helpdir}/users
 ohelpdir=	${helpdir}/opers
-SYMLINKS=	topic accept admin names links away whowas \
+SYMLINKS=	topic accept admin extban names links away whowas \
 		version kick who invite quit join list nick oper part \
 		time credits motd userhost users whois ison lusers \
 		user help pass error challenge knock ping pong \

File help/opers/extban

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+Extbans are all provided by extensions, some may not be present on this
+     $o         Oper extban. Affects all operators.
+     $z         SSL extban. Affects all users connected via SSL.
+     $a[:mask]  Account extban. Affects anyone with an account that
+                matches. If the mask is omitted, it affects everyone
+                who is logged into services.
+     $j:mask    Banned from another channel extban. Affects anyone who
+                is banned from the specified channel.
+     $c:mask    Other channel extban. Affects anyone who is on the 
+                specified channel.
+     $x:mask    Extended extban. Matches a user's entire n!u@h gecos.
+     $r:mask    GECOS extban. Affects anyone with the realname/gecos
+                specified.
+     $s:mask    Server exban. Affects anyone on the specified server.