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 	Anything from a # to the end of a line is a comment. Blank lines are ignored. C-style comments are also supported.
+    <sect1 id="configlines">
+      <title>Specific blocks and directives</title>
+      <para>
+       Not all configuration blocks and directives are listed here, only the most common ones. More blocks and directives will
+       be documented in later revisions of this manual.
+      </para>
 	<title>loadmodule directive</title>
 	    <term>kline_exempt (^)</term>
-	      <para>Users in this auth{} block are exempted from DNS blacklists, k:lines, g:lines and x:lines.</para>
+	      <para>Users in this auth{} block are exempted from DNS blacklists, k:lines and x:lines.</para>

File help/opers/stats

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 * e - Shows exemptions to D lines
 X E - Shows Events
 X f - Shows File Descriptors
-* g - Shows pending G lines
-* G - Shows active G lines
 ^ h - Shows hub_mask/leaf_mask (Old H:/L: lines)
 ^ i - Shows auth blocks (Old I: lines)
 ^ K - Shows K lines (or matched klines)