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Document PRIVS command in sgml.

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File doc/sgml/oper-guide/commands.sgml

+	<title>PRIVS</title>
+	<cmdsynopsis>
+	  <command>PRIVS</command>
+	  <arg><replaceable>nick</replaceable></arg>
+	</cmdsynopsis>
+	<para>
+	  Displays effective operator privileges for
+	  the specified nick, or for yourself if no nick is
+	  given. This includes all privileges from the operator
+	  block, the name of the operator block and those
+	  privileges from the auth block that have an effect
+	  after the initial connection.
+	</para>
+	<para>
+	  The exact output depends on the server the nick is on,
+	  see the matching version of this document.
+	  If the remote server does not support this extension, you will not
+	  receive a reply.
+	</para>
+      </sect2>
+      <sect2>