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Add helpfiles for all extensions that provide commands.

Not being added to the index yet since i'm not sure of the best
way to do that.

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File help/

 		version kick who invite quit join list nick oper part \
 		time credits motd userhost users whois ison lusers \
 		user help pass error challenge knock ping pong \
-		cprivmsg cnotice map trace chantrace
+		cprivmsg cnotice map trace chantrace cycle findforwards \
+		identify mkpasswd

File help/opers/adminwall

+ADMINWALL :<message>
+Sends an ADMINWALL message of <message> to all
+admins currently online.
+- Requires Oper Priv: oper:admin

File help/opers/cycle

+CYCLE <#channel>
+-- IRCd-side /hop
+This command parts you and rejoins you to whatever
+channel you specify.

File help/opers/findforwards

+FINDFORWARDS <#channel>
+--Find channels that forward to the specified channel.
+If you are an op in the specified channel, this command
+will tell you all channels that forward to the specified

File help/opers/forcejoin

+FORCEJOIN <nick> <#channel>
+--Forces a user to join the specified channel.
+Requires oper priv: oper:admin

File help/opers/forcepart

+FORCEPART <nick> <#channel>
+--Forces a user to part the specified channel.
+Requires oper priv: oper:admin

File help/opers/identify

+IDENTIFY <password>
+--Allows easy identification to NickServ
+This command is basically the equivalent of:
+  /msg nickserv identify <password>
+but made simpler and with protections if
+services goes down.

File help/opers/mkpasswd

+MKPASSWD <password> [des|md5]
+-- This command allows you to hash a password for use in olines and other places.
+This command will output a hash (DES by default, optionally MD5)
+that can be used in the password field of authblocks or for oline

File help/opers/oaccept

+OACCEPT <nick>
+-- Allows a oper to message a user through usermodes +gGR
+This command allows opers to messages users who have usermodes
++g,+G or +R set on themselves. It adds a piece of metadata to
+the user which is deleted when the user disconnects.

File help/opers/ojoin

+OJOIN [@|+]<#channel>
+-- This commands allows opers to join a channel through bans and many cmodes.
+This command bypasses bans and cmodes +i, +k, +r, +J, +S, +l to allow
+opers to join any channel. If the channel name is prefixed with @ or +,
+you will join that channel and have ops or voice, respectively.

File help/opers/okick

+OKICK <#channel> <nick> [reason]
+-- Allows a oper to kick a user from a channel.
+This command allows a oper to kick a user from a channel
+where the oper doesn't have ops.

File help/opers/olist

+OLIST [#channel]
+-- Allows opers to view all channels on the network.
+This command allows opers to view all channels in a list, including
+secret channels. This command also shows channelmodes for each channel
+unlike LIST.

File help/opers/omode

+OMODE <#channel> <mode(s)> [parameters]
+-- Allows opers to arbitrarily set modes on channels.
+This command allows opers to set/change modes on channels
+that they do not have ops in. This command fails if a oper
+uses it on a channel they do have ops in.

File help/opers/opme

+OPME <#channel>
+-- Allows a oper to gain ops in a opless channel
+This command simply allows a oper to gein ops in a opless channel.
+This is especially useful if all users in a channel don't have ops,
+the channel is unregistered and you don't want to clear the channel
+to get a user to get ops back.
+Oper priv required: oper:admin

File help/opers/sendbans

+SENDBANS <server>
+-- Sends permanent resv's and xline's to the specified server.
+If you do not have propogated bans enabled, and you add a server
+in the future or a server is down when a xline or resv is set,
+this command will allow you to send those xlines or resv's to
+the specified server.
+oper privs required: oper:xline, oper:resv, oper:remoteban